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President’s Message
(January 8, 2021)
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(January 8, 2021)

President’s Message
(January 8, 2021)

Dear Members,

Heading into the new year brings the promise of a fresh start and optimism for what is to come over the next twelve months. That has never been truer this year, as we look to the possibilities that 2021 holds for the entire world’s health and safety. Closer to home in Indiana, many of us have been directly impacted by COVID-19 whether we, a family member or a close friend have experienced the symptoms. For many, employment has been directly or indirectly impacted. Despite all the challenges we may have faced, this is a time when we need to dig deep and focus on our role as Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants and Students of Physical Therapy in helping restore the lives of so many who have been impacted by COVID-19.

Over the Holidays, I read Mary McMillan: The Mother of Physical Therapy. What a great read to understand the origin of our profession of physical therapy here in the United States! With the start of World War I in 1917 and many wounded soldiers returning home, the need for Physical Reconstructive Aides became clear. Mary McMillan was sworn in as the first Reconstructive Aide of the United States Army Medical Corps on February 23, 2018. Mary McMillan is also known for her role in leading the formation of the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association. The inaugural meeting of this group occurred on January 15, 1921 at Keen’s Chophouse in New York City.

The plans to celebrate the Centennial of our professional association have had to change over the last 10 months, but we remain committed to recognizing and celebrating all our profession has done over the last 100 years. At this time, we also need to look towards the future and how we can continue to advance our profession.

Here in Indiana, we will be advancing our profession with two legislative bills to be heard during the 2021 Indiana Legislative Session. Next Wednesday, Senate Bill 3, which relates to telehealth, will be heard. This is a bill that incorporates telehealth into the practice of several health care professions, including physical therapy. We continue to work with Senator Charbonneau to highlight that Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) need to be included on this list of providers, in addition to Physical Therapists. I have reached out to many of you asking for examples where patient care has been impacted over the last nine months due to PTAs not being included as a provider in Executive Order 20:13. The second bill that involves physical therapy relates to the Physical Therapy Compact. This bill is being authored by Senator Messmer and follows defined language set forth by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Over the next few weeks, please watch your e-mail closely, as we send out updates on these bills and when we need YOU to reach out to your legislators.

The APTA Indiana Centennial Celebration Ambassador, Nate Nevin, PT, DPT, has worked with a task force to plan several events next week to celebrate Founder’s Day in Indiana. On Thursday, January 14 at 8pm there will be joint programming between APTA Indiana and the Academy of Sports Physical Therapy with an educational session at 8pm EST titled Athlete Strength: Is there Such a Thing as Being too Strong? Then on Friday, January 15, we will have a very special Indiana Founder’s Day Virtual Party, starting at 7 pm, followed by the APTA Founder’s Day Party in New York City at 8 pm (live via APTA’s social media channels).


  • Welcome by Nate Nevin – Centennial Celebration Ambassador
  • Emily Slaven – President, APTA Indiana
  • Presentation – “100 Years of APTA”
  • APTA Indiana Centennial Celebration Fitness Challenge Winners
  • APTA Indiana Centennial Scholars – Kelly Clark, PT, DPT, LMT and Mackenzie Wilson, PT, DPT
  • The Official APTA Indiana Centennial Celebration Drink – How to Make a Smoked Old Fashioned by Paul Lonnemann
  • Toast to 100 Years of APTA
  • Social Time and Breakout Rooms
  • APTA Founder’s Day Party in NYC at 8:00 pm


Meeting ID: 923 5766 9045
Passcode: 176564
CALL-IN # – 929-205-6099

For those of you participating in the APTA Indiana Fitness Challenge (a friendly competition to commemorate 100 years of APTA and represent Indiana), don’t forget to complete the tracking of your activity by January 10. Teams are comprised of each DPT cohort, PTA program and APTA Indiana District. We will have team prizes and individual prizes for the winners.

As we settle into this new year, let us take time to celebrate being part of a profession that is progressive in its thinking and focused on making the lives of others around us better. Just like Mary McMillan did 100 years ago.



Emily Slaven, PT, PhD, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

President, APTA Indiana

Maximize the lifelong health, function, and well-being of people in Indiana by advancing the profession of physical therapy through engagement, advocacy and education.

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