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New Professional SIG Officers

  • Michelle Lazorchak, PT, DPT
    Michelle Lazorchak, PT, DPT
  • Rachel German, PT, DPT, CBIS
    Rachel German, PT, DPT, CBIS
    Vice Chair
  • Hannah Bernhardt, PT, DPT, ATC,<br />LSVT BIG Certified,<br />SFMA Level 1 Certified
    Hannah Bernhardt, PT, DPT, ATC,
    LSVT BIG Certified,
    SFMA Level 1 Certified

New Professional /
Student Mentorship Program

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We recognize the transition from being a student to becoming the professional you were trained and want to be and we’re here to talk about it! Our first episode, available now, discusses Mentorship, what it looks like now, how to find it, and where to find it. Other topics in the que discuss Fellowships and Financial Advice regarding student loans and investing for the future. We have already covered a few topics, but have many more to come. If there is a topic that you want to hear about, email us at or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram, @INAPTANP.

You can listen to the Professional PT Podcast directly from our website or you can find it on Google Play and coming soon to iTunes.

Maximize the lifelong health, function, and well-being of people in Indiana by advancing the profession of physical therapy through engagement, advocacy and education.

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