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At 6:59 am
March Madness Service Event

The Joseph Maley Foundation Adaptive Athletic program, pairs athletes of all ages and abilities with volunteers to promote a truly adaptive, inclusive, and customizable program that meets the needs of all athletes.

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At 2:58 pm
A Pain Science Approach to Headaches

Headaches are very prevalent and marred with a complicated hierarchy of classification. Current best-evidence classifies headaches as cervicogenic, tension-type or migraine, with various sub-classifications. Unbeknownst to many, physical therapists are ideally suited to treat a large proportion of patients struggling with headaches.

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At 8:00 am
2017 INAPTA Spring Meeting

COURSE DESCRIPTION Engaged leadership is needed at all levels in healthcare to drive improvements in quality (Institute for Healthcare Improvement).  Engagement means that individuals are emotionally invested in making positive contributions to their patients/clients, to their organization, or to their teams. High-impact leadership behaviors are essential to achieve the shift from volume to value, improve

At 12:00 am
Part 1: Fascial Connections & Part 2: Myosfascial Dialoguing

Part 1: Fascial Connections (April 19-20, $595) and Part 2: Myosfascial Dialoguing (April 21-23, $595).  $200 discount for taking both parts. Lori Zeltwanger PT teaches techniques of myofascial release for pain release and improved functional mobility.  A simple yet highly effective approach to use on complex and difficult patients who do not respond to traditional

INAPTA promotes integrity, excellence, and professionalism in the practice of physical therapy and advocates for its members and the public they serve.

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