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The nomination deadline for all awards is July 1

Pauline Flesch Advocacy Award


The Pauline Flesch Advocacy Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions and shown exemplary leadership in the area of advocacy.

Pauline Flesch, PT, MPS has been an engaged member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) at both the state and national level. Pauline served on the APTA Board of Directors (2001-2007), as an Indiana Delegate to the House of Delegates, as a member of the APTA Vision Task Force and was past Chairperson for the Federal Government Affairs Committee and past Indiana Chapter President. She has served as Legislative Chairperson for INAPTA since 1998 when the journey to achieve direct access began, which was passed in 2013. In addition, she was instrumental in the 2019 INAPTA legislative effort in updating the Indiana Physical Therapy Practice Act.

  1. The nominee must demonstrate an ongoing commitment and engagement in advocacy activities directed at advancing the Chapter or Association’s Mission and Vision.
  2. The nominee’s legislative activities may include local, state, or federal involvement as long as that involvement is not in conflict with the Mission or Vision of the Chapter.
  3. The nominee’s legislative activities may include promoting individuals or other organizations that support the Mission and Vision of the Chapter or Association.
Past Recipients:

Andrea Lausch, 2023; Valerie Strunk, 2022; Rick Reuss, 2021; Emily Slaven, 2020; Pauline Flesch, 2019

Frances C. Ekstam, PT Award


To pay tribute to Frances C. Ekstam, a member of APTA Indiana, for her outstanding contributions to the profession of physical therapy, and to acknowledge and honor a member of APTA Indiana whose contribution to physical therapy has been of outstanding measure.


Be a PT, PTA or Life member of APTA for a minimum of 10 years, a PT, PTA or Life member of APTA Indiana for a minimum of 5 years, and participate in and contribute to at least three of the following areas:

  1. Service to APTA at district, state, and national levels through task forces, committees, offices, conference presentations, or publications
  2. Clinical practice
  3. Education of others through in-service, clinical affiliation programs, continuing education, academic programs, and publications
  4. Administration -Research -Community service through regulatory boards, civic groups. or other health-related organizations
Past Recipients:

Nathan Nevin, 2023; Blair Frye, 2022; Emily Slaven, 2021; S. Dolly Phadke, 2020; Peter Altenburger, 2019; Not awarded in 2018; Gail Altekruse, 2017; David Norris, 2016; Frank Underwood, 2015; Not awarded in 2014; Stephanie Combs-Miller, 2013; Kelly Renner, 2012; Mary Fridlund, 2011; Linda Biggers, 2010; Paul Young, 2009; Kathy Martin, 2008; Patricia Hamner Balbach, 2007; Not awarded in 2006; Pam Ritzline, 2005; Belinda Hays, 2004; Cheryl Bainbridge, 2003; Richard Weber, 2002.

Anthony D. Certo, PT Award


To memorialize Anthony D. Certo, a member of APTA Indiana, for his distinguished service to the profession of physical therapy and to recognize and honor other members who have made a distinguished contribution of time, energy, and expertise toward furthering physical therapy as a professional practice.


Achievement in two or more of the following areas:

  • Professional expertise-clinical
  • Professional expertise-educational
  • Delivery of new services
  • Participation in APTA
  • Commitment to entrepreneurial spirit
  • Public relations, political participation, and community service
Past Recipients:

Emily Slaven, 2023; Ryan Wood, 2022; Jerry Smith, 2021; Sean Bagbey, 2020; Bryan Bourcier, 2019; Ryan Cotton, 2018; Valerie Strunk, 2017; Stacie Fruth, 2016; Troy Smith, 2015; Bill Cutrone, 2014; Not Awarded in 2013; William Staples, 2012; Francis McDonald, 2011; Not awarded in 2010; Gail Altekruse, 2009; David Kuhn, 2008; Matt Hall, 2007; Gail Elliott, 2006; Dolly Phadke, 2005; Michael Brickens, 2004; Not awarded in 2003; Ted Kennedy, 2002

A $500 donation from the APTA Indiana Certo Fund to the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research will be made in the name of the Recipient.

Schneider PTA Recognition Award


In 1972 Roger Schneider, PT, began teaching at Indiana’s first PTA program at Vincennes University. Roger initiated and funded this award to honor an outstanding physical therapist assistant in memory of his father, Lester B. Schneider. Roger‘s sister and son are physical therapists. The recipient will receive an honorarium equal to Indiana Chapter dues for one year.


Be a graduate of an accredited PTA program, a PTA or Life PTA member of APTA Indiana for the past 5 years, and demonstrate exceptional achievement in two or more of the following areas:

  • APTA service
  • Clinical practice
  • Education of self or others
  • Community service
Past Recipients:

Not Awarded in 2023; Alicia Hood, 2022; Elizabeth Coons, 2021; Not Awarded in 2020; Holly Zent, 2019; Rochelle Hawkins, 2018; Donna Peterson, 2017; Jennifer Grillo, 2016; Not awarded in 2015; Melanie Pennington, 2014; Not awarded in 2013; Sean Bagbey, 2012; Paul Gorman, 2011; Not awarded in 2009 or 2010; Barbara Hoover, 2008; Not awarded in 2007; David Holmes 2006; John Kelly, 2005.

Outstanding PT/PTA Team Award


To honor professionals who have individually provided clinical service for a minimum of 5 years, and have positively affected the quality of physical therapy through their combined teamwork. This award recognizes a PT/PTA team whose positive work has contributed to the delivery of high-quality physical therapy services.


Nominees must be licensed physical therapists or physical therapist assistants who have been engaged in providing clinical services for at least 5 years.  The composition of the team may include 1 or more physical therapist(s) and 1 or more physical therapist assistant(s).

Physical therapist and physical therapist assistant teams must have:

  • worked together/existed in a clinical practice of any setting;
  • positively affected the quality of physical therapy care provided to patients/clients in their practice setting as a result of their ability to work as a team;
  • contributed to the enhancement of the overall delivery of physical therapy services in their practice setting as a result of their teamwork
Past Recipients

Not Awarded in 2023; Not awarded in 2022; Not Awarded in 2021; Not awarded in 2020; Cathy Reeves, PT, DPT, ATC and Deidre Barnes, PTA, 2019

William T. Rosenbaum Friend of Physical Therapy Award


To honor and recognize the accomplishments of those persons outside our profession who, through their dedicated assistance and support, have promoted our ideals and improved our profession.


Must not be a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant and must have served the profession in ways that meet the stated purpose of the award.


Past Recipients:

Not Awarded in 2023; Not awarded in 2022; Not Awarded in 2021; Not awarded in 2020; Senator Mark Messmer and Mary Kay Mitchell, NP-C, MSN, RN, 2019; Chris Leeuw, 2018; Carl Griffin, 2017; Not awarded in 2016; Charles Sutphin, 2015; Prevail Prosthetics & Orthotics, 2014; Rep. Dave Frizzell, Sen. Patricia Miller, Rep. Ed Clere, Rep. Tim Brown, Rep. Charlie Brown, Rep. Robert Behning, Rep. Martin Carbaugh, Rep. Bob Morris, Rep. Matt Ubelhor, Sen. Vaneta Becker, Sen. Mark Stoops, 2013; University of Indianapolis, 2012; Midwest Orthotic & Technology Center, 2011; Mark Scherer, JD, 2010; William Millikan, Jr., MD, 2009; Kosmas Kayes, MD, 2008; Bill Rosenbaum, 2006;Ahmad Mansoori, 2005; Maria Fletcher, MD, 2004; Rep. Brian Hasler and Rep. Dave Frizzell, 2002; APTA Department of Governmental Affairs, 2001.

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