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President’s Message (March 2019)
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President’s Message (March 2019)

INAPTA Members,

Thank you to all who responded to our requests over the past few weeks to contact your Senators to support Senate Bill 586.

Senate Bill 586 was first heard in the Senate Health and Service Providers Committee on Wednesday, February 13. Senator Messmer, the author of SB 586, and Pauline Flesch, PT, MPS, introduced our bill to the Committee. This was followed by testimony from the occupational therapists and podiatrists in opposition of SB 586. Valerie Strunk, PT DPT, Beth Altenburger, PT, CWS, and Bob Tank, PT testified in support of SB 586 and Tobin Wingard, PT, DPT provided testimony regarding dry needling. Senate Bill 586 moved out of this Committee meeting 9:1. There were no amendments made in the second reading of the bill in the Senate on Monday, February 18, and SB 586 passed out of the Senate 39:0 on Tuesday of last week.

We are excited about the progress, but we are now just entering the second half of this process as SB 586 enters the House. We anticipate that our bill will be heard in the House Public Health Committee. As soon as we know the hearing date, we will contact those of you who have Representatives who sit on this committee to ask your representative to support SB 586. Please watch your e-mail closely!

What are you doing on Saturday, April 27? The INAPTA Spring Meeting is being held again at the beautiful Bradford Woods in Martinsville, IN. Our key speaker will be Kip Schick, PT, DPT, MBA, Director, APTA Board of Directors. Kip will be speaking on The Importance and Impact of Public Policy Advocacy on Physical Therapist Practice and Societal Health. He will share about the great changes that have occurred in Wisconsin in the practice of physical therapy as a result of advocacy. Registration for the 2019 INAPTA Spring Meeting will open in early March.

Did you know that 2019 is the 50th Anniversary of the Physical Therapist Assistant? To celebrate, the Indiana Chapter, APTA will be recognizing the role of the PTA in several ways.

  1. Introducing the Outstanding PT/PTA Team Award. This award will honor professionals who have individually provided clinical service for a minimum of 5 years, and have positively affected the quality of physical therapy through their combined teamwork. This award recognizes a PT/PTA team whose positive work has contributed to the delivery of high-quality physical therapy services.
  2. Recognizing an alumnus from each PTA program in the state.
  3. Providing two scholarships for the PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathways (PTA APP). Click HERE for more information.

Come join us on Friday, October 11 for the Annual Awards Dinner for an evening to celebrate the PTA. The INAPTA Fall Conference will follow on Saturday, October 12.

Thank you again for all you do for our profession, and in particular, for you strong and united voices these past few weeks helping move SB 586 through the legislative process.

Emily Slaven, PT, PhD
President, INAPTA


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