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Update on SB 586
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Update on SB 586



On Tuesday, SB586 which updates the physical therapy practice act, passed the full House 92-0!  This follows its passage last month out of the Senate 39-0!  There were NO unfriendly amendments added to the bill.

Next step will be a concurrence vote back in the Senate to approve the House amendments which we did support and that vote will likely be unanimous and occur early next week.  After that, the last step is the bill goes to the Governor and then the law goes into effect on July 1, 2019.

In the coming weeks, there will be more information and education about exactly what is included in the new practice act language and what you need to know before the bill goes into effect.

This is a WONDERFUL victory and a fantastic accomplishment to pass a bill in one year that has such a positive impact on physical therapy practice in Indiana.

Kudos to the legislative committee, our dedicated lobbyist Steve Beebe, to our President Emily Slaven who was actively involved in the process and to ALL members who showed an interest in advocating for our profession.  My hat is off to all and congratulations!

Pauline Flesch, Legislative Chair


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