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At 6:59 am
March Madness Service Event

The Joseph Maley Foundation Adaptive Athletic program, pairs athletes of all ages and abilities with volunteers to promote a truly adaptive, inclusive, and customizable program that meets the needs of all athletes.

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At 3:01 pm
A Pain Science Approach to Treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

This lecture will feature various aspects of CRPS including differences between CRPS 1 and CRPS 2, clinical presentation and diagnosis, current epidemiological factors and risks associated with the development of CRPS. In 1996 the International Association on the Study of Pain renamed RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

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Current Event

At 9:00 am
Get Ready for LSVT BIG® Training and Certification & Free Mini-Symposium!

LSVT BIG® Training and Certification Course is coming to Fort Wayne, IN! Sign up for this LIVE course and get  a jump start to 2017 by completing 1.2 CEU’s today. The LSVT BIG Training and Certification Course is a two-day program designed to train physical and occupational therapy professionals and students in an evidence-based, intensive

At 12:00 pm
Workshop: Expressive Arts in Long Term Care

The University of Indianapolis Center for Aging & Community (CAC) will host its second Expressive Arts in Long Term Care workshop near Indianapolis in March 2017. CAC, under contract with the Indiana State Department of Health, designed, implements, and coordinates the training project that aims to improve the quality of life of older adults living in long term care facilities through the use of the arts.

At 8:30 am
A Pain Science Approach to Headaches

Course Description: Headaches are very prevalent and marred with a complicated hierarchy of classification. Current best-evidence classifies headaches as cervicogenic, tension-type or migraine, with various sub-classifications. Unbeknownst to many, physical therapists are ideally suited to treat a large proportion of patients struggling with headaches. To develop an updated working knowledge of headaches, clinicians need an

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