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BFR CEU and Certification Course
 /  BFR CEU and Certification Course

BFR is The Future of Exercise & Rehab

The next generation of exercise and rehab is coming. USA Olympic athletes have been using this exercise breakthrough since 2014. Professional athletes from all sports are now utilizing this technology. BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) exercise is an emerging field that is creating new opportunities for all levels of Health Care Professionals in the USA. Learning how to use and implement BFR will be an important skill needed by Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers in order to be on the cutting edge and be prepared for the coming transformation in the world of exercise and rehabilitation.

B3 Sciences, one of the first innovative leaders in BFR, will present a 6-hour training course designed to provide a comprehensive understanding that will allow BFR to be implemented into their clinical and home protocols with ease and confidence.

You are invited to learn more about B3 Bands and their patented multi-chamber design making them easily portable for those who want to expand the training room to the practice field or court with sport specific activities and drills.

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Course Summary:

The training course will consist of discussing history and science of BFR, practical applications, protocols and contraindications. The in-person course includes 60 minutes of hands-on-training.

Optional Certification: For attendees who want to get an additional B3 BFR Certification, a written examine will be offered. Certification comes with additional support from B3 Sciences in your professional practice and personal exercise goals.


Course Price:

$199.99 – CUE Price
$249.99 – CEU with Certification Price


Date and Time:

August 21 (Saturday), 2021 | 8-2 pm


To Register or Learn More
Text/Call: 972.214.5844

*Pre-registration is requested by August 16, 2021*


Location of Program :

Baymont by Wyndham
1709 E Lincoln Road
Kokomo, IN  46902


Instructor Background/Expertise:

Dr. Mike DeBord, President and CEO of B3 Sciences

  • Former Certified Sports Chiropractor 1988-2003
  • 4 Years of use, research, and experience using and applying BFR
  • 4 years of reviewing over 300 papers, studies, and reviews of BFR
  • Vast knowledge of all the BFR bands on the market today
  • 12,000 Current Customers & Clients using B3 BFR Bands
  • 2 years of educating Clinics, PTs, Doctors, and ATCs on how to implement BFR
  • BFR Consultant to many Sports HS, Collegiate, Olympic, and Professional sports teams


Maximize the lifelong health, function, and well-being of people in Indiana and advance the practice of physical therapy through advocacy, collaboration, and education.

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